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2 Range 3 Speed (6 Speed) Transmission

uploaded by Dzytizz 11 months ago

Yet again it is what title says. It's one of 2 transmission types I uploaded/will upload). Has a flywheel (not needed but useful if some type of engine is used as input), 3 speed transmission in front, 2 range (high/low) selector and 8 gears as input. Hit 1,2,3(upper row),h,l to unlock all parts before using. Invincibility makes it more reliable. Controls:
1-3 (upper row) - toggle gears.
H/L - toggle high/low range (watch video for how it works).
P - unpin (but not needed here because I didin't put any wheels on).

P.S. I will make a full realistic car using this I think too ^^.
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