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Scrin Planetary Assault Carrier

uploaded by Shade 1 year ago

Planetary Assault Carriers are among the most fearsome and powerful Scrin aircraft witnessed during the Third Tiberium War. It docks eight Invader Fighters that can fly around their carrier and swarm around the target.

This carrier moves like an airship while the eight fighter tethered on a spring. They can somewhat attack enemies below by shooting a weak and unreliable crossbow.

Thanks to CCCanyon for helping me stabilizing this thing.

>>>Invincibility mode recommended<<<
Default Controls --
Forward/Reverse: T/G
Turn: F/H
Increase/Decrease Altitude: X/C
Release Swarm: V
Toggle Crossbow: C

Alternative Controls --
Forward/Reverse: Up/Down
Turn: Left/Right
Ascend/Descend: Left Shift/Left Control
Release Swarm: V
Toggle Crossbow: C

Get bonus visual if you install:
Improved Laser Emitter mod for fancy lighting
Note: Mods are just cosmetic effects and not required for the carrier to work.

Block count: 595

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