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Artillery Tank - Twin Missles

uploaded by anonymous 9 months ago

Artillery style tank, tracks made without mods.

Rope (N) is used to tighten tracks before actually driving

arrow UP: forward

arrow DWN: backwards

arrow L&R: steering (must be moving forward or backward to turn!!)

N: tighten rope (for tracks)

keypad 8-5: raises and lowers mounted launcher

keypad 4-6: turns mounted launcher head, must be at the correct angle to turn properly

keypad 7-9: launches missles 7 left/9 right

CAUTION: due to a bug, parts of the missle will boomerang itself back towards the tank
these bits are caught in fire and will ignite the structure of the tank, to avoid this simply take your
time shooting each individual missle or get behind something and/or add to the tank a metal barrier.

posted by ContrapedSatisfactions 9 months ago
note: track will occasionally get stuck but wont break, if you get stuck simply use left and right arrow to re-align the tracks. only happens when turning.