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Tank-Sling shot canon-Crane reloader

uploaded by ContrapedSatisfactions 9 months ago

Tank made without mods, a bit of a control learning curve.

Mounted crane for easy reload

Mounted sling canon medium range

Tank movement controls:
tighten tank tracks; N) note: before any movement tighten tracks

Accelerate/reverse; up & down arrows

Steering; left & right arrows) note: turn only possible when accelerating/reverse

Reverse speed boost; down arrow combined with left and right arrows

Slingcanon controls:

Horizontal aim; keypad 8 & 5

Vertical aim; keypad 4 & 6

Sling shot release; keypad 9 (no toggle)

Sling shot manual relaod; keypad 7 (no toggle)

Crane controls;

grabber forward/ backward; U & J

grabber lower/raise; Z & I

attach/detach grabber; O
posted by ContrapedSatisfactions 9 months ago

Vertical aim; keypad 8 & 5
Horizontal aim; keypad 4 & 6
posted by ContrapedSatisfactions 9 months ago
pros: does not need a single mod or godmode to function but you might want to replace the loading beds floor because and i didnt realize until further tests that it breaks (so much for using weights) .

cons: you cant load the Sling Shot Canon with stone or the impact bomb it gets caught mid sling. Also while loading the sling shot canon with fireballs you might catch fire as the rope attached to the crane swings.... alot and its challenging, but this con has a pro to it as well, when you tighten the tracks a hidden water canon extinguishes the flaming balls.