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Stumpy - A Vanilla Stunt Plane

uploaded by Brooka 11 months ago

Block Count: 141
Steam version and skinpacks:

Introducing "Stumpy" my compact stunt plane, only 141 blocks, ideal for multiverse. Looks great with or without the skinpacks. Basically a sawn-off version of my Biplane.

Would really appreciate a rating, thanks in advance <3

Controls: (all control surfaces are RTC, if you wish to remap the controls, remap the pistons)
Up and Down keys: Controls pitch
Left and Right keys: Controls roll
Q and E keys: Controls yaw
L shift: Toggle thrust
L ctrl: Reverse thrust
Z and X keys: Toggles the second stage of throttle, press Z to toggle acceleration, press again to reduce air speed. Press X to drastically cut air speed.
F key: Change view

Of course totally vanilla, no mods or bsg editing, if you want more vanilla builds check out my workshop ;D
Before you comment "not vanilla," watch this video, if you don't believe me, some of the techniques used in the video were used to build this plane. I'm happy to answer questions about the techniques used. No mods used = vanilla.
posted by madman 11 months ago
Where is da Vid? I realy realy want 2 Know how U build Dat Thing.........

ThE Caps ARe BroKEn
posted by Brooka 11 months ago
@madman, sorry forgot steam links don't work. Here is the link= This isn't my video, but it is pretty handy for some of the techniques
posted by g3k 11 months ago
have you got mods, or you just like vanilla?
posted by Brooka 11 months ago
@ g3k, just vanilla