How do I use a .bsg file?

Tracker - Probably the best tank chassis*

uploaded by MetalHead 11 months ago

Behold the mighty Tracker! 100% Vanilla creation, no .bsg file changes. Tracks are almost impossible to break, so no invincibility required! You can also adjust the stiffness of suspension in one click!

7 & 8 - forward
4 & 5 - backward
Y & U - adjusting suspension (up = soft, down = hard)
H - engage track tensioning
P - release
F - camera

Make sure to check out Stinger, awesome high speed steam powered attack fighter and Mudhog, awesome base for offroading vehicle!
posted by RobertX45 11 months ago
like a dick? go up = soft and when you go down its HARD? and its UNBREAKABLE?
posted by MetalHead 11 months ago
RobertX45 You made my day...