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R3v0lver on Tank Tracks

uploaded by ContrapedSatisfactions 9 months ago

(no mods required)

can hold a max of 4 ammo

Revolver style shooting mechanisim

A cluster of mines is used as the first
shot, rotating the gears provides (reloading) fire balls.

Ammo propelles from a catapult-slinger.

--Tank movement controls--

tighten tank tracks; N) note: before any movement tighten tracks

Accelerate/reverse; up & down arrows

Steering; left & right arrows

Reverse speed boost; down arrow combined with left and right arrows

--Sling shot controls--

Sling shot release; keypad 9 (no toggle)

Sling shot manual relaod; keypad 7 (no toggle)

reload; keypad 4

have fun!
posted by ContrapedSatisfactions 9 months ago
the manual slingshot reload is for just in case its out of place, it can happen