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Modded Car W 6 Speed(2 range3 speed) Transmission

uploaded by Dzytizz 9 months ago

2nd car out of 2 (check out other, vanilla version too^^). It also has independent suspension in front, live axle suspension in rear and uses 6 speed (2 range 3 speed) transmission I made earlier (also chech that out too). This is just a better version than vanilla one because it uses modded wheel and stronger springs. Also has huge flex and that makes it good for going over big obstacles (like roc/hill crawling). Press 1,2,3 (upper row),h,l to unlock all grabbers. Invincibility makes it more reliable. Controls:
1-3 (upper row) - toggle speed in range.
H/L - toggle high/low range.
P - unpin.
Arrow keys - general movement.
Have fun ^^
posted by Vinarco 9 months ago
that's not an independent suspension
posted by Vinarco 9 months ago
sorry i thought that was the front
posted by Dzytizz 9 months ago
Yeah it's RWD and has live axle in rear while independent suspension is in front ^^