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Modded Hill Climbing RWD Buggy W/Out Frame

uploaded by Dzytizz 9 months ago

It's 2nd version (modded) of my 2 buggies (chech out vanilla one too^^). It's powered by 4 cogs, has a live axle suspension in rear, new type (atleast I haven't seen anyone use it too much) of cv (constant velocity) joint, independent suspension in front, pistons used as springs (extending them gives this buggy more ground clearance and stiffness), big wheels and torque-fighting mechanism (because Besiege physics) and negative camber in front wheels for aditional grip while steering. It's very fast, stable and easy to control. Also good for hill climbing even though it's only a RWD (rear wheel drive) vehicle. Invincibility makes it more reliable. Controls:
H - toggle height of suspension (lifted mode is better).
P - unpin creation.
Arrow keys - general movement.
Have fun ^^
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