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Bugii Bomber(modded[blockspawnermod])

uploaded by Aman2002 4 months ago

This is a modification of one off the most famous creations on this site. i have turned it into a bomber plane.
num8 -(forward wheels)
num2-(backards wheels)
Left and right for steerin
(doesnt work well on land)
First press h to elevate
Then hold control to lift the wheels
then play around with the '.' button and '/'button to find the proper back stance
then hold arrow down until the creation is lifted up.
when it is lifted to a desirable height hold left shift to fly
During flight
up arrow and down arrow for moving up and down
Left and right likewise
Extra controls(during flight)
Hold v for dropping bombs(mod needed[block spawner])
'T' to activate self destruct rockets( you have a few secs until it xplodes)
'K' to insta xplode
'M' for boosters(not recommended)
(I am the original creator of this creation. qnother one was uploaded but it swas under anonymus)
(+ i am a 15yo and this is my first creation) :)
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