How do I use a .bsg file?

Self Stabilized All Use Drone (I call it SSAUL)

uploaded by RobertX45 11 months ago

Arrows keys to control
Q-E : Strafe left-right
I-K: Ascend/Descend Grabber
/: Release grabber
Z-X: Ascend/Descend Drone
1: Toggle engine on
R-F: Cannon and Crossbows up-down (C, V to shot them)
B: Drop the 4 bombs
N: Cameras (shit)
Left Shift: Massive speed boost (careful not to hit something, its really hard to break)
Easy to control
My first drone, uses BES system for stabilization (
The skins have been made by @Blitsplatapus(Creds to him, his profile:
posted by RobertX45 11 months ago
ah shet, my bad at the boost part, its brake**