How do I use a .bsg file?

Glider Bomber with Recon drone package

uploaded by Aman2002 11 months ago

HI guys
this is a glider with bombing capabilities. but in order to use the bombing capabilities u need block spawner mod.
P- to unpin creation
B-Daredevil camera mode
F- first person recon drone(will look upside down when not dropped
C-front crossbows
X-Behind crossbows
I-Booster 1
O-Recon booster usable when drone not dropped
Arrow keys for movement.
H/G- control landing gear wheels(recon drones wheels)
C- also activates recon drone backmounted crossbow
J-to drop the drone
1/2- flares
Once drone is dropped glider self destruct timer will begin
Hold G for a smoother landing of drone
Once landed use arrow keys and c to destroy ballons
use arrow keys for movement and o for booster.
Once purpose is done u can self destruct the drone with T.
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