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de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito

uploaded by RedBaron 11 months ago

366 blocks reproduction of the 1941 de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito . Leave a like if you enjoyed it, and as always comments are appreciated!

The Mosquito is so important to me, it was the first plane i was able to make in besiege (and my first upload here, and on steam), since then i learned a lot, and i thought it was a good idea to show some love and respect for this beauty

The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito is a British multi-role combat aircraft with a two-man crew. It served during and after the Second World War. It was one of few operational front-line aircraft of the era constructed almost entirely of wood and was nicknamed The Wooden Wonder.[4][nb 1] The Mosquito was also known affectionately as the "Mossie" to its crews.[5] Originally conceived as an unarmed fast bomber, the Mosquito was adapted to roles including low to medium-altitude daytime tactical bomber, high-altitude night bomber, pathfinder, day or night fighter, fighter-bomber, intruder, maritime strike aircraft, and fast photo-reconnaissance aircraft. It was also used by the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) as a fast transport to carry small high-value cargoes to, and from, neutral countries, through enemy-controlled airspace.[6] A single passenger could ride in the aircraft's bomb bay when it was adapted for the purpose


Z: Engine on/off (toggle) (use it as a brake)
Left Ctrl: Throttle
Left Alt: Brake (use only to stop on the ground it shreds the engines if activated during engine running)
Keypad 4/6: Roll - ALTERNATIVE F/H
Keypad 5/8: Pitch - ALTERNATIVE G/T
Keypad 7/9: Yaw - ALTERNATIVE Q/E
C: Cannons (Infinite ammo recommended)
N: 3rd person camera
M: Cockpit view
R/U: Retract/Deploy Landing gear


Aluminum -
Aluminum Yellow -
Aluminium Olive -
Aluminum Black -
Industrial Revolution Gray -
WW2 Propellers -
WW2 Aerial pack -
Neutex's Cockpit pack - (mandatory to have crosshair)

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