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Continuously Variable Transmission (Pulleys)

uploaded by Vinarco 1 year ago

A real-life design of continuously variable transmission.
The belt has three seams, for some reasons.
Manually operated, I cannot find a way to automatically and effectively control the pulleys' diameter as they need a great force to do so.
-Simulated engine torque.
-Has no reverse gear.

- UP / DOWN - Input
- LEFT SHIFT - Decrease gear ratio (shift up)
- LEFT CTRL - Increase gear ratio (shift down)

Starts at highest gear ratio.
Do not change ratio while stationary, and do not force it past the ratio limit as it will break the pulleys.
posted by Dzytizz 1 year ago
That's way more neat than one I did before (did it without resizing though), nice! ^^
posted by Vinarco 1 year ago
@Dzytizz ahh! you already did it! lol the pulleys actually look quite similar. and i'm amazed by how you actually managed to make an automatic cvt without differential, nice too! ^^