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Cogs and Wheels

uploaded by Vinarco 1 year ago

Applications of cogs and wheels, with one powered input, and three different outputs.
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posted by triplewishbone 1 year ago
i never knew that you can make something like those wheels with ropes thingy.
posted by Vinarco 1 year ago
@triplewishbone a simple logic. if you pull it, it will follow in the same direction. in this case if the wheels are placed in the same position like i did here, the input wheel rotates counter-clockwise and pulls the rope on the left side downwards, which is also connected to the left side of the output wheel, causing it to rotate as well, albeit not smoothly. since the input wheel is placed lower than the output wheel, the rope on the right side won't contribute to the output, as you can't push with a rope. that means, mostly, only one rope is taking the force at a time to keep the output wheel in motion, changing turns with each ropes. this explains the unsmooth rotation.