How do I use a .bsg file?

Another Motor for Teloshy

uploaded by madman 1 year ago

Yogs, iki motorku broohhhhh
(Ok, this is my bike, bro)

Z X to forward backward
Arrow keys to control
LShift/Rshift to tilt

posted by sheobro5 1 year ago
The first one was not very nice at all

posted by OrangIndo 1 year ago
Well, he challenge me to make a "vespa rembol". Even the real world version doesn't look too nice. What am I suppose to make?

I did make another bike, in full vanilla. And at least, is nice too look at.

Here's the link:
posted by OrangIndo 1 year ago
And at least he likes it. That's what I care about. Because I made it for him.
posted by OrangIndo 1 year ago
"Vespa rembol":
posted by teloshy 1 year ago