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Vanilla Variable LSD(Limited Slip Differential) V2

uploaded by Dzytizz 10 months ago

Yet still it doesn't work as a real limited slip diffirential but it's something closer than the one I built before. It uses a simple open differential in the middle while one gear side is connected to the "clutch plate" and another one is connected to "steel plate" (and wheel). Withtout engaging clutch pack (H key) it works as an open diff. Pressing H engages clutch pack at least slipage possible (something between locked and limited slip differential action). Holding N increases slipage (less power to locked wheel) while M decreases slipage. Controls:
N/M - increase/decrease slipage.
H - toggle clutch pack engagement (must be engaged to work as a limited slip diff).
Up arrow - get power trough system.
V - lock/unlock left wheel (testing).
J - apply braking torque to left wheel (testing).
posted by Orz_PX 10 months ago
Almost there, keep it up!