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Smallest (Possibly) 3 Speed Transmission

uploaded by Dzytizz 10 months ago

It pretty much is what title says. It takes up only 1x1x3 blocks of space (or 3 blocks) if you don't count in the base which I didin't modify so you can see the scale of it. It works as common (atleast in my builds) 3 speed tansmission with 3 grabbers locking in for different gear ratios. Hit 1,2,3 (upper row) to unlock all gears before start. Controls:
1-3 (upper row) - toggle gear speed.
Up/down arrow - accelerate/decelerate speed.

P.S. I've already made a car with this transmission and mini open differential but will uplaod it only tomorrow I think ^^
posted by Roycehellion 10 months ago
Def not smallest, but neat event still! :)