How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by RG 1 year ago

essa maquina e a melhor suspenção do ano
posted by NeAxRo 1 year ago
This is the copy of my car suspension, and thank you for this kindness for you to me...
But you forget to mention me because I made it 1 month ago... Here is the link that give me the Truth:
Why did you copied me? (If you write my Account's name and the link from my site to the description it's okay, but you didn't do this...)
You are lier and pitiable! You aren't creative enought to build a good suspension for a car! You are unable to make this! You just want to download and like (maybe comment) to "your suspension".
You can be proud of yourself to COPY my vehicle's suspension and write youre name there like "This is the best suspension" I think you forget to write this to the title: "...That I have ever made!".
posted by Davidblack 1 year ago
hey RG can i post my version because i nake it more more attached to the ground from getting faster