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BesiegO - Level 4

uploaded by Smeshan 10 months ago

BesiegO - Level 4
[230 blocks]
Play in: Sandbox
Mod needed - Automatron (
Download skins for a better gaming experience.
BesiegO is a quest/puzzle/action minigame in Besiege.
You are playing with a future robotic BT4200 work platform with a robotic arm. The platform is a hero! A survivor from the Great Robotic war (2127) and was not affected by the deadly virus which conquered the whole planet year later. You must find a way to stop the virus and make peace again.
*On every level you will have a different specification of the BT4200, that means on some level you can have upgrades, new parts or functions. Also, you will be able to control other vehicles, acquires weapons, fly, etc.
*Usually there is more than one way to accomplish each level.
LEVEL 4 - "It wasn't me"

The old factory for remote sniper stations is now transformed by the virus into a busy place for producing tonnes of weapons. Many years ago it was the workplace for many platforms like you assembling, carrying boxes, etc. Now the factory is fully automatic and it only works when receiving an order for production. With the big satellite on the top of the facility, the factory catches all the signals from all around the world and can produce needed weapons in no time. Find a way to get into the factory and stop the satellite from receiving the signal. Try to be quiet!

Objectives: Find a way to stop the satellite from receiving signals (located on the top of the factory)

[P] - Start (single press)
[Arrow keys] - To move around
[RCtrl] - Attach/Detach stuffs with robotic arm head
[ B] - Extend the arm
[Y/H] - Up and down the arm
[G/J] - Rotate the arm
[T/U] - Tilt the head of the arm
[F] - Change the camera view
*Special controls for this mission:
[ B] - Connect the head of the arm with the computer
[C] - Shoot

!!! Sometimes Automatron crash (or doesn't work correctly) and you can lose control or other unnormal behavior, so please just restart the level.

Good luck!

Level 1 - "First steps" -
Level 2 - "Dirty hands" -
Level 3 - "Empty" -
Feedback please, so I can make better levels.
Share whit me what do you want to see as a functionality of the game, have some ideas, found bugs or anything on mind.
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