How do I use a .bsg file?

Cool Sliding Vehicle [With laser and skins]

uploaded by fantastic 1 year ago

Hello Friends !!!

This Machine Is Very Cool !!
Machine Featurs

Modded Booster
Laser Gun With Rotate
Car Light
Without Wheels
Gun Camera Firstperson Camera
Machine Camera!!!!

Contorls !!


Arrow Keys To move
Hold Left ctrl To boost

Hold"X"laser gun Down
Hold"Z"Laser gun up
Hold"1"Laser gun Left
Hold"2"Laser Gun Right


Press "1" to
Start Laser gun and hold
"0" to Deploy laser bomb

Press "2" On car light

"F" Firstperson Camera
"G" Vehicle Camera
"H" Laser Gun Camera

Skins Link

You need flame thruster mod
and Improve laser emitter mod

try this links

Improve Laser Emitter mod

Flame Thruster Mod

Please Watch this video
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A very powerful handgun

Killing machine v2 with laser

anything climber

4x Missiles With Control

posted by nick012 1 year ago
siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickk dude

posted by fantastic 1 year ago
Thank you