How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by sheobro5 7 months ago

a really realistic action figure ( sadly tho not a walker )
looks nice even with out skins . Has a really cool finisher


move head - i and o
open and close mouth - 1 and 2
use lazer - (open mouth first) press v
special finisher - left arrow (only hold for 2 seconds) DONT PRESS RIGHT ARROW


posted by sheobro5 7 months ago
please comment

posted by OrangIndo 7 months ago
Pretty rad.

I guess you take the inspiration from that action figure from Draegast's besiege last video??
posted by sheobro5 7 months ago
yea that was cool plus the name zenthon came form my favourite anime BAKUGAN . im only 14 so i love that stuff xD