How do I use a .bsg file?

LION (walker)

uploaded by sheobro5 6 months ago

this is my first walker . took insperation of the wolf draegast showcased .
it is cool and its nostrils breath flames


move front - y
move back - h
turn left and right - g/h
open mouth (with flames) - 1
close mouth - 2
move head and tail - arrow keys
use water cannon - left shift

thanks !!!! ENJOY

posted by OrangIndo 6 months ago
My only complain is: the snout is too long for a lion.

The rest is just awesome.
Good job man! d('v')b
posted by sheobro5 6 months ago
Thanks ????
posted by OrangIndo 5 months ago
I will make something funny out of this.
posted by sheobro5 1 month ago