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Stratos: Vanilla Steam Jet

uploaded by Brooka 9 months ago

Block count: 128

Full description and skinpacks:

It's been a while folks, so here is something a bit different from my usual stuff. An RTC delta wing steam jet. The Stratos is ice-proof and pretty quick, it is a bit twitchy. Has 10 water cannons set to 2x power, achieved by copying the power setting from a standard cannon and placed using symmetry tool.

Controls: (all control surfaces are RTC, if you wish to remap the controls, remap the pistons)
Up and Down keys: Controls pitch
Left and Right keys: Controls roll
Q and E keys: Controls yaw
L shift: Toggle thrust
C keys: Fire cannons
N and M: Raise or lower landing gear
F key: Change view

Of course totally vanilla, no mods or bsg editing, if you want more vanilla builds check out my workshop ;D
posted by Roycehellion 9 months ago
Wow, your still burning away here huh? I made my first creation in months today, hoping the burnout from besiege has faded.

Build looks amazing as usual :)
posted by Brooka 9 months ago
Thanks Royce, yeah pop the odd build out everynow and then, hopefully we get an update soon!

posted by JerryBERRY 9 months ago
Wow, i couldn't even make a vanilla plane.
posted by Brooka 9 months ago
Thanks! Your modded builds are great tho!

posted by Roycehellion 9 months ago
Yeah! New blocks would be cool, logic circuits or something would make me ecstatic!

ive got one more transmission to crank out and i think i will retire long term. Just posted a car running the mock up of the layout. ive got a full size version too, that makes the windmill look small. After testing and then scaling, i think ill adios for a while.