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Hammerfoot --- Vanilla Sweeper Propelled Hovercraf

uploaded by CCCanyon 8 months ago

I've been using this kind of sweepers to clear levels for a long time. Recently I discovered that it's not only a good suspension but also capable of control the vehicle. Thus a brand new soldier-proof soldier killer was born.

139 blocks
Climb small hills

Arrow keys
posted by Cookies 8 months ago
So the hinges are driven outward by centripetal force, that's something I've never seen before, cool.
posted by Decender 8 months ago
hey can you make special type of machines like bastion or mini bastion :3
posted by Decender 8 months ago
Hey Shade can you do me and others a favor by copying the files in steam like awsome machines and builds and paste them on new account which you can create pls. :3
posted by Decender 8 months ago