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Experiment Recoil Tank No. I

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 11 months ago

soooo.... this is my first not-tank-like-but-trust-me-it-is-really-a-tank build with mods!
the design is from both myself and taken from Blitsplatapus!
my own recoil damper is working on about 13-14 times power.....
with both.... wow..... more than two times..... plus i made the tank so heavy... both Ballast i set about 300 times heavy to make the tank is not moving so much....
the tank itself likes to drift so much, so feel free to play this creation plus euro beats with sick drift from Initial D feeling....
it's have 3 step scope... to make it moar precise....
note: DON'T TAKE IT TO THE HILL OR EVEN BUMPS! really... it can break the wheels itself.....
block count: 102 blocks (6x big wheel, 11x2 smol wing panel, about 17 suspension, 3 big ballast, 3 steering hinge, 2 steering, 2 slider, 2 piston, 3 camera, lots and lots of brace) plus one starting block.
-left, right= move to left and right (lol...)
-left+right= VOWAERTS!!! or avanti... (it's accelerate very slow, but to stop, it's really hard.)
-n, m = move the turrets up and down... (it don't have a limit, and don't make it like artillery... it can B roke)
-c = shoot (bias...)
-f = scope (the scope itself is very very small, but somewhat accurate)
posted by Davidblack 6 months ago
not bad for an indonesian besieger