How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago

it uses unique stability glitch, so it's very stable to fly..
it's slow and kind of want to ground..
have 2 crossbows, so you can go make an arrow rain from above.... literally...
block count: 65 (about with a wheel, 2x wheel free, 6x propeller, 6x small propeller, 3x small wheel, a suspension, 2x ballast, 4x swivel, a wing panel, a spike, 5x contractable spring, 2x steering hinge, 3x hinge, 2x crossbow, 19x brace) plus one starting point...
note: for turning, it's so slooooow... otherhand, pitch is on the rock....
-arrows: move the aileron
-1 : start the engine
-c : RAIN 'EM SUM ARROW!!! (shoot...)
-n,m : front landing gear
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