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Ozi's single-valve V-Twin - tuned

uploaded by oziboy 1 year ago

Slightly tuned version of the engine I previously made

Specific corrections:
Kind of just adjusted it to actually hit both pistons for an equal amount of time which did not happen in the previous build by conveniently placing the oscillating mechanism .5 blocks to the left, which results in a more linear motion and allows me to time things better
It was seriously bugging me out and I knew there was something wrong even if people wouldn't understand on first sight, but now it runs very smooth

Things I also noticed which really happened on accident:
Engine can only run in one direction no matter how hard you force it, the timing is not right for it to run the other way

For now I'm trying to make the timing more compact but it's becoming a real pain hahaha

The engine itself is pretty basic but the timing is kind of complex, I don't understand it perfectly myself but it works, and it works really well

Hold arrow down and right until nothing moves
Hit Y
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