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Auto-Stablizing Airship

uploaded by Kenny1999 11 months ago

This airship is more compact and more stable. It uses the traditional auto stablizing propeller as its auto stabilizing filter. Unlike the other airships, this airship has no more like: floater 1 or 2 or 3, because it doesn't need it anymore.

The airship is also relatively low block count, meaning it can be flown in multiverse. You can also mount weapons on it, and unlike that flying aircraft carrier I built long ago, you have to control the plane and the airship at the same time. If you put weapons on this airship, you don't have to worry about controlling the airship too.

The airship is really depend on its auto stabilizing propeller, as it can't fly properly without it. I have made this airship as armored as possible, as it can't be destroyed by crossbows or cannons easily. But its internal engines still can be burned by fire, and its armor still can be pierced by bombs.

Airships was never a good choice when it comes to combat, it is a best choice for silent warfare, but not a very wise choice for real combat situations, as they are slow, and in Besiege, there are no inflammable aerodynamic blocks.


z = start engines
p = unpin
t = take off
5 = autopilot / auto stabilize
f/h = turn left / right
b = camera
posted by fantastic 11 months ago
This Is Not Yours
posted by OrangIndo 11 months ago
No. This is his creation. He just post it here. His name (in Steam) is kennyhartanto1999. Here's the link:
posted by OrangIndo 11 months ago
His workshop:
posted by fantastic 11 months ago
I am very sorry bro !!!!