How do I use a .bsg file?

Armadillo MBT

uploaded by OrangIndo 1 year ago

MBT stands for mini battle tank btw.

Arrowkeys to drive
Q & E to aim
F for aiming camera
1 to shoot the cannon
23456789 to shoot the missiles
C for light machine gun
posted by OrangIndo 1 year ago
Low block count (for a tank. 244 blocks). Usually a very basic tank would have 300 -400 blocks. A very high detailed tank would have 700 -1000+ blocks
posted by OrangIndo 1 year ago
Hi, I'm back after a month. I'm still not going to upload anything until December. Last month was tough for me, there's so many things that I must do. And on this month, I will have a school exam. Sooo... I have to study hard for that. I promise I will start uploading creation again on December.