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Jet Soldier

uploaded by ninh 1 year ago

A long time ago a robot samurai the size of a man was published (I do not remember the author's name), I liked it and I decided to do something similar, but because I do not have the necessary skills for that, I just modified the samurai. I hope no one will blame me for this. I attached the original, I hope the author of the work will find and authorize me to publish this creation.

Shift - flight on the jetpack forward
Ctril - deceleration on falling
Shift + Ctril - boost up
z - flamethrower
x - grenade launcher (gun)
c - crossbow
v - shrapnel
b - water jet
f - raise arms
g - lower hands
h - switch between cameras
n - laser
Arrow keys - move forward / backward and turn left / right

Mods Required:

Improved Laser Emitter Mod
Exploding Cannonball And Arrow Mod
posted by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago
@ninh, Of course, no one would blame you that, especially it looks like your original build if you re-uploading some other creations that weren't yours and you didn't give credits well they will blame you, but this is not, it's your original build, good job.
posted by DEDSEC 1 year ago
@ninh, can you do me a request please ? if your reading this can you make bendy and the ink machine character

posted by JerryBERRY 1 year ago
@ninh Not trying to be mean, but your banner is weird the fandom of besiege is the average type, and your looking like one of those cringe fandoms.

Well it's up to you.