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Pzkpfw. VI 'Tiger 1' "Keizoku/Jakosota" turret....

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 1 year ago

this is my first mini turret i ever built with a huge firepower!
it's kind of resembles Tiger 1, but not enough.
if the firepower is huge, so as the recoil... (III law of Newton's law)
there so, Blits told the more heavy the ballast to mount the cannon, the better it will damp the recoil.
the challenge is no wing panel! so there's no acceleration problem because of the turret itself...
but with heavy ballast, the less accuracy it will get. because once you're moving the turret, it will do some annoying wobbly motion, because of I law of Newton's law, inertia... (i think...)
i made it with Keizoku skin to make it cooler... (and some Polka intensifies if you want to say...)(SAKKIJARVEN POLKA!!!
*sick BT-42's drifting*)
block count: 70 (lazy count...) + one starting block.
used skin: Keizoku.
p: "do-not-touch-this-button" button.
arrow keys: move the turret (horizontal and vertical...)
c: TULTA!!!
note: there's no periscope in this creation, which is bad, considering you can't aim...
(i'm not a nerdy.. sorry if i do say wrong for introducing my creation here...)
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