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Experimental wobbly-damper on a turret

uploaded by indonesiabesiege 11 months ago

nothing great.... just a bunch o' wobbly-damper on maybe 3 axis!
more or less the control is same as my Keizoku's turret...
except the arrow keys now are the one who accelerate, reverse, and turn... the turret will be controlled by n,m,k,l...
tell me if there's technical problem on my creation!
all suggestion will be accepted!
posted by OrangIndo 11 months ago
Bikin tank aja sekalian bro. Daripada turretnya doang. Kalo gak bisa bikin chassisnya, ambil aja di gue. Lebih lanjutnya kalo masih gak bisa, liat tutorialnya Blits di yutup:
posted by indonesiabesiege 10 months ago
@orangindo . saya sudah memikirkan itu sejak lama. dan saya mengetahui cara bikin tank.