How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by enderboyyy 1 year ago

(pls read this)
a robot warrior from the future
how to control
arrow key:move
x:jump(one time use)
left shift:boost(one time use)
l and ; : aim crossbow
c : crossbow
,and. : use knife
y : turn on inferno form and the laser sword
n,m : use shied
h : ful sheid power(can destroy structures)
j : turn on laser pointer (for the last attack)
hold k : last attack (the laser pointer must on first)

you also need [Improved Laser Block mod] here is the download link:
if you want visit my channel here is the link :

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watch the video if you don't want to read
posted by enderboyyy 1 year ago
recommend use god tools
posted by enderboyyy 1 year ago
i modified it
thx to the original creator's :BlitsplatsGaming
visit his/her(his) channel:
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Good :-)