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180° Variable Angle CVJ (Constant Velocity Joint)

uploaded by Dzytizz 11 months ago

It is pretty much what title says. It's quite a simple setup: has input,output,3 universal (or cardan;or U) joints and 2 sets of sliders (6 springs with 0 strength). Also I've added an aditional wheel at the bottom so you can change angle easily (up to 180° of rotation). It consists of 2 rigs because first one felt a bit bulky so resized version has only 2.5 block gap between input and output. Controls:
Up/down arrow key - send power trough input.
Left/right arrow key - change angle.
Numpad 8/2 - send power trough input (small version).
Numpad 4/6 - change angle (small version).
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