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Hovertank (Type 32 Nekomata from BF2142)

uploaded by ppunja 1 year ago

Thruster-powered hover tank. True hover mechanism, does not use low friction block
Nimble and versatile, a little bit bouncy unique to hover tank design, true to its name
Able to move side-to-side (strafing)

Control; Tank locomotion (Vector Thruster mod required)
Start thruster - B
Power up - Comma
Power down - Period
Rt. thruster forward - T
backward - G
Lt. thruster forward - Up
backward - Down
Strafe right - Right
Strafe left - Left

Weapon (Laser mod required)
Canon - C
Laser - Slash key

Sci-fi black skin and modern long barrel canon are used.
Controls could be customized for your preference.
Hope you enjoy this creation.
(Please leave your comment about this creation, it's still not perfect)
posted by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago
that one reminds me crossout