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Wheatley Boss

uploaded by PortalMaster123 11 months ago

The True Boss From Portal 2, This Isn't Fully Accurate But Its Close. The Keys Are Up And Down Arrow Keys To Look Up And Down, Left And Right Arrow Keys To Look Left And Right, H To Pop His Head Out And Pull It Back In, T And G To Move His Head Up And Down, N And M To Move The B.P.S (Bomb Proof Shields), Press C To Fire The B.F.T.A.Y (Bombs For Throwing At You), Press F Once For A First Person View (Above His Head) And Press It Again For Another First Person View (Above Him), And Press B To Extend The B.P.S (Bomb Proof Shields). And If You Want A Broken Wheatley Then Just Press J. Thats All, And All Credit Goes To MGSO For The Original GLaDOS Model!
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