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Automatic CVT W\ Slow-High Speed Priority Changer

uploaded by Dzytizz 1 year ago

I took some inspiration from "oziboy"s creation (check his page too ^^) and took some time to understand transmissions of this type more so I made this version in vanilla Besiege. If you're not interested in how it works skip to "Controls" row. It has input/output wheels, 2 sets of open differentials, one set of gears with 0.5 ratio, second set of gears with ratio of 2 and slow-high speed priority changer (which I will explain in a bit). It's mechanics are quite simple: when there's higher need of torque it sends more power trough 0.5 ratio side while if there's higher need of speed it sends power trough 2 ratio side. Because of the way differentials work, most of the time both gear sides are used (this makes input/output ratio between 0.5-2 (more likely around 1 because of Besiege physcis). So to battle this problem I made a slow-high speed priority changer which is nothing else but a clutch pack. Applying tension to it increases friction between open differential core and diff gear which powers ratio 2 side (and obviously makes speed a higher priority than torque).
Up/down arrow -increase/decrease input speed.
N/M - increase/decrease high speed priority.
H - extend piston to simulate braking torque on output wheel.
P.S. If I wrote the principle of working wrong feel free to correct me.^^
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
Quite nice, I still don't understand how this even works the way it does

Putting a differential is the worst thing that can be done in a transmission unless there is a manual or electronically controlled way to spar it, if a wheel locks (like in my creation) every bit of torque will be lost in that differential

But I digress, well done, this looks way better

And about the high speed part, it's basically waste of resource when it's turned off, and when it's turned on it participates in the issue I mentioned above.
The issue can be avoided if you lock this part while not using it by sparring the "high speed part" of the differential or really any gear that's connected to it so that it doesn't turn
That'll maintain the torque

The system is stackable though, which is nice for more gears, but besiege is lacking in terms of gears