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[4 stroke] 8 cilinder boxer engine

uploaded by oziboy 11 months ago

One of the engines I initially scrapped but ended up taking back from the trash bin just because
I like the sound it makes, I could turn it into a better, besiege-optimized 2 stroke, but I like it this way
It sounds like a runaway diesel engine from last century hahaha

-Turn invincibility on, infinite ammo off
-Hold Y until everything is on fire
-Let go of Y and wait until everything is burnt out
-Hold O until nothing is moving
-turn on infinite ammo, the engine will catch up by itself

-arrow up and down controls timing (up for earlier firing, down to return to initial position)

Wanna hear the magical sound? turn up the game speed to 200% and listen :P
posted by Dzytizz 11 months ago
Not only it sounds like a runaway diesel but it also has the same emissions (tons of black clouds) ^^ Nice
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
Haha, totally right!

Thanks :P
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
Sorry my mistake, I don't know where "boxer" came from, boxer is when the engine has opposed pistons, not like this

This is a knocker engine
posted by Roycehellion 10 months ago
Nice setup, but timing is way off on some cylinders. glad to see you still building. i put one up the other day too :)
posted by oziboy 10 months ago
Might have overlooked it, I'll make a 2 stroke version of this soon, will find out when I do I suppose.

I saw yours on your channel but honestly forgot to look on besiegedownloads :P

The shrapnel cannons are just for fun really, they make a nice sound but they don't fire as well as a water cannon does
I think my single valve V-twin model, but inverted (pistons facing down) would be the most efficient for this style of piston engines

Or alternatively, putting an alteration of this boxer design vertical so the pistons face up and down, then adjusting the cannons so they fire from the insides instead of the outsides.
posted by Roycehellion 10 months ago
shrapnel engines are a blast though (haha) still nice engine. glad you are back! ill be building again since i quit my job and have some free time
posted by oziboy 9 months ago
Lmao nice one!
They're fun just because they make that nice sound haha

Otherwise they're useless, really :P
posted by Roycehellion 9 months ago
"I use online polygon/triangle/whatever calculators to do it for me, much easier than designing it in inventor or CAD first"

got a link?
posted by oziboy 9 months ago
Yeah I used to use this one to calculate the right angle for the pistons (now I use extra hinges to twist and lock them into place really) This one is to see what angle I need to use to make a circle around a certain axis
When I made my worm gear worm wheel, I didn't use this and it turned out kinda weird, like an elliptic shape