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[4 stroke] 8 cilinder boxer engine

uploaded by oziboy 2 weeks ago

One of the engines I initially scrapped but ended up taking back from the trash bin just because
I like the sound it makes, I could turn it into a better, besiege-optimized 2 stroke, but I like it this way
It sounds like a runaway diesel engine from last century hahaha

-Turn invincibility on, infinite ammo off
-Hold Y until everything is on fire
-Let go of Y and wait until everything is burnt out
-Hold O until nothing is moving
-turn on infinite ammo, the engine will catch up by itself

-arrow up and down controls timing (up for earlier firing, down to return to initial position)

Wanna hear the magical sound? turn up the game speed to 200% and listen :P
posted by Dzytizz 2 weeks ago
Not only it sounds like a runaway diesel but it also has the same emissions (tons of black clouds) ^^ Nice
posted by oziboy 2 weeks ago
Haha, totally right!

Thanks :P
posted by oziboy 2 weeks ago
Sorry my mistake, I don't know where "boxer" came from, boxer is when the engine has opposed pistons, not like this

This is a knocker engine