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engine 70 M2

uploaded by lenivecbob 11 months ago

posted by Sanpyr 11 months ago
by the way, is the purpose of the engine to make the pistons go up or down, or to turn the axle?
the axle turns without the pistons, the unpowered wheels make it turn
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
It's not tuned well enough, pistons behave a bit weird, rods aren't centered

Runs as well as it does because the system is based on a turbine and not really a piston engine
So it's double acting, kind of cheating

But looks good
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
Oh yeah, this is a setup for a 4-stroke engine, your setup fires 2 pistons at once, which is kind of odd for continuous power... I'd have split that up and made it fire every x degrees