How do I use a .bsg file?

The Darkest Hour 3.1 (working in progress)

uploaded by NiceName 1 year ago

NEW FEATURE?hold number key 9 to fire the laser gun.

Warning: as you press 9 to fire the laser gun, the machine will 100% lose the control.(working in progress)
So you will have to stabilize it with the number key 4 and 6.
As I said in the title, this is just a half-finished machine, I will soon make this machine better and release The Darkest Hour 4.

-The Invincible mode is needed.
-Mod needed. (2 mods)


Old instructions:

p - unpin. (same key with activating invisible mode)

press number key 7 to activate the vacuum block. (which sucks ppl in :D)

t g f h - movement control.

8 5 4 6 (number keys)- movement control.

R Y - lift control.

Z X- camera.

(NEW) (number key) 9 to fire the laser gun.

For the last, have fun :)
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