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Vanilla fighter jet with missals, vector thrust

uploaded by simontian 11 months ago

This is an awesome Besiege original jet fighter with all controls enforced, include pitch, yaw, roll, and air brake, even a vector thrust system! All these control surface gives this plane incredible maneuverability. As a fighter, weaponry is very important that this plane includes 6 long-range missiles at the fuselage and two wrestle short-range missiles on the wing tip. The landing is forgiving if you have done it normally, and the plane can still remain stable and controllable after hits at the wing tip. FPV & Following camera is also set in place.

Thrust: Up arrow (toggled)
Landing gear: Comma (the one on the left of "1")
Pitch: G&T
Roll: F&H
Yaw: R&Y (think TFGH creates an arrow keypad)
Air brake: Left & Right arrow key
Missile long range: 1 to release, 2 to ignite
Missile short range (wing tip): 3
Camera: V
Have Fun!
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