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WIND: Weaponized Invincible Nive-Propulsion Drone

uploaded by Sanpyr 1 year ago

WIND is a autostabilizing drone like AND. however, unlike AND, WIND is unable to rotate in pitch and roll, which makes WIND much easier to control. WIND is armed with a vacuum, which is able to pick up objects as heavy as ore boulders, and is able to kill knights with ease, and has 3 cameras, 1 for regular piloting, and 2 for zooming in.
WIND has no destructible blocks, but it can be destroyed by extreme force.

arrow keys control forward/back and left/right movement.
Leftshift and Left Control move up and down.
Q/E rotates left/right in the yaw axis.
Y toggles 'Hovermode', which makes WIND essentially unaffected by gravity. Keep in mind, if you add blocks to WIND, Hovermode will not work as well.
C toggles the Vacuum Laser.
F toggles the 3rd person camera
Z shifts between the 2 first person Zoom Cameras, which has 2 different zoom levels.

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