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Compact Reloading Catapult

uploaded by Brooka 1 year ago

Block count: 188

Decided to update this fella to reduce the block count, steam version here:

My first ever build, over two years old now, survived an engine change and several game updates yet still an effective siege machine. This build is a compact reloading catapult tank, it was the first of its kind. Armed with 9 bombs and variable throwing power. Features 10 aim-able cannons, crane arm, flamethrowers and of course is 100% vanilla!

Arrow keys: for forward, reverse, left and right movement.
L key: launches the bomb, with a low power setting for closer range.
K key: launches the bomb, with a medium power setting.
L+K key: will launch the bomb at its highest setting.
R key: Releases a bomb from the chute and reloads the catapult.
1-9 keys: Fires the cannons.
Y key: Turns on flame throwers.
Q & E keys: aims the cannons.
O & P keys: raises or lowers the rear mounted grabber arm.
V key: detach stuff held in the rear mounted grabber.
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