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AWD Single Motor Project

uploaded by Unkuuu2 1 year ago

Been awhile hasn't it?

Yes, I am the real Unkuuu and this account was created as I may have, lost my other. So yeah you can trust this

Anyway, to the machine
This was an idea/boredom project I though of if Besiege ever had limits on how powered many wheels could be used in a build. As of now it can only go forwards and backwards as honestly I cant be bothered to add gyro steering so you can download it and add to it yourself!


Up arrow - Forwards [Or maybe back at times]
Down arrow - Backwards [Or maybe forwards at times]

Known Issues

It can be easily to grind the system. By doing this the swivel joints don't stay in roughly the same side of the gear and won't go in sync. The easiest fix is to reset but sometimes button mashing works too. I can do a quick fix but it would mean the loss of semi-realism by making the braces not phase through eachother.
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
This isn't AWD... this is literally cogging a powered wheel to 4 wheels

AWD is a system where every wheel is controlled separately and is able to spin with its own speed, which is usually electronically controlled or by using 3 (limited slip if you want to live) differentials or a similar principle

4WD is a system where you need 2 or more limited slip difs, without having it electronically controlled

FWD is a system where you don't need a limited slip dif because you're driving the front wheels and these are supposed to have the same rotations anyways
The engine is connected to the front wheels

RWD is a system with many layouts, FR, RR, MR... the engine is connected through a transmission and a limited slip differential to the rear wheels, this is the easiest system to do, also easy on Besiege to a certain extent

Seriously... I don't mean to disencourage you but I'm mad at you for calling this AWD
posted by Unkuuu2 1 year ago

Sorry for making this mistake, but I know next to nothing on drivetrains and vehicles in general;.

The reason I said AWD is that power is going to all four wheels at the same time, making my mind think that it would be All Wheel Drive in that respect.

I will remember this for the future.
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
I look forward to better designs though

by the way, realism isn't important because it's near impossible in besiege, just make it work

and AWD is impossible too