How do I use a .bsg file?

The darkest hour 4 (repost)

uploaded by NiceName 1 year ago

WARNING: Not applicable for laptop. (must have extra number keys on the right-hand side)
WARNING: You have to download the mods.
WARNING: If there's any problem with the machine, check the instructions again.
WARNING: It's a well-functioning machine, if you have any problem with the machine, please read the instructions CAREFULLY.



p - unpin. (same key with activating invisible mode)

press number key 7 to activate the vacuum block.

t g f h - movement control.

8 5 4 6 (number keys on the right)- movement control.

R Y - lift control.

Z X- camera.

9 (number key on the right) to fire the laser gun.
posted by cowblunk 1 year ago
Stop reposting this garbage, Jesus fucking christ we get it!
posted by NiceName 1 year ago
then explain why it's not good, and stop reposting your comment.