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Variable Thrust Assault Helicopter, Campaign Legal

uploaded by anonymous 1 year ago

No mods required! An attack helicopter with the ability to beat almost any level where you kill or shoot things with just it's onboard projecticle weaponry; I beat all of Ipsilon and most of Tobrynd with it. Highly rugged, can take dozens of axes and arrows before some sort of damage makes it unflyable.

If you don't understand the basic principles of helicopter piloting, google them before flying the aircraft

Controls: Movement
Start/Stop engine: I
Increase/Decrease Thrust W/S
Roll Left/Right Q/E
Yaw and Pitch: Arrow Keys
If smoke comes from engines decrease thrust
If on a ramming run you have insufficient control authority to lift off the ground, increase thrust.

Takeoff/Landing instructions: To Take off, activate engine and increase thrust. To land, decrease thrust until aircraft descends at a desired speed, optionally, arrest that speed by increasing thrust before touchdown.

Weapon Controls/Usage
Crossbows: (x26)
Fire Left crossbows: LShift
Fire Right crossbows: LControl
When strafing targets, for accuracy, hover in front of target and line up shots. Or strafe while moving and waste ammo. It's up to you.

Cannons: 1 and 3 to fire outer pairs, 2 to fire primary central pair, secondary central pair is linked to rockets.

Rockets: T to fire 2 rockets and cannons

Ramming: Preferably after crossbows are empty, cuz it involves sliding the logs they are mounted on along the ground. Using low engine power descend to the ground, pitch down, roll so that one side of the front of the gunship touches the ground and slide across, keeping track straight with yaw adjustments.

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