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Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce Coupé

uploaded by Akyer 6 days ago

Reactive Engineering.
The sportiest car Lamborghini has ever produced.

-Block Count: 350 (372 with Improved Laser Emitter mod installed)
-Top Speed: 350 km/h
-Acceleration: 39 km/h/s

-Includes Functional Headlights! [Laser Mod needed]

-Racing Capability: A
-Off-roading Capability: D
-Steering Difficulity: 4 (Easy-Medium)

Due to 350 blocks, it's recommended to turn down the timescale.

Honestly, with a pinch of salt, this may be the first actually really good Lamborghini in Besiege.

Skins needed! It is located below here:
Aluminum Black -
Aluminum White -
Akyer License Plate Skin -
Deep Crimson -

Steam Workshop link is down below here:
posted by Akyer 6 days ago
To download the skins, download the link provided at the left of the thumbnail.

Then have all of the four .rar/.zip files and extract it to Besiege\Besiege_Data\Skins.

Viola! The skin should load up.

Link to the Laser Mod is here:
posted by Leon445 6 days ago
how to make banner

posted by Leon445 6 days ago
or photo like that

posted by Akyer 6 days ago
You simply Photoshop it. Take a Besiege flag and edit it out so that you can customize your own.
posted by AaronBrine01 4 days ago
An amazing creation that also comes with the skins. We need more of these in besiegedownloads for people that don't have access to Steam. Awesome !!!!!!!
posted by Leon445 3 days ago
posted by Leon445 3 days ago
for my laptop just playing it dont need turn down timescale
posted by Leon445 3 days ago
h6w t6 t4nr 6n faster the headlight

posted by Leon445 2 days ago
how to turn the headlight on faster
sorry i forget turn of the numlokc