How do I use a .bsg file?

reaper tank mark 3

uploaded by titanwolf2319 1 year ago

its called mark three because mark one is heavily armed but explodes when it moves anywhere for more than three seconds for some reason. mark two corrected that problem but at the same time, looks bad as heck. this is mark three the best of both worlds

left side wheels:
right side wheels:
side blades:
deploy: 1
retract: 2
all ranged weapon systems:
aim: arrow keys
forward guns:
fire: c
gunner views: 0/9
fire missile: v

open/close "jaws"
(note: the jaws can fit the wood blocks of ipsilon in the area behind them and still be able to close fully)
grabber arm:
hinge: y/u
extend: o
let go: c
completely Unnecessary hinge:
posted by titanwolf2319 1 year ago
I am going to make variants of this so anyone who has some suggestions please give them
posted by titanwolf2319 1 year ago
also this is a custom skin I made so if anyone would like to have it I will try to upload it as a separate machine
posted by titanwolf2319 1 year ago
for anyone who downloads this, please feel free to rip this apart and tell me all the big problems
also I forgot to add, there is a cockpit view that is activated by pressing this thing: `