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How to Join and Host in Multiverse + Halo Warthog

uploaded by psilvastudios 10 months ago

The Multiverse Update is here! Dr. P walks you through the ins and outs of hosting servers and how to get your friends to start playing with you!

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2 years of making Halo vehicles in Besiege! Say "hello" to the Minihog 2!
- All Wheel Variable Suspension
- Front And Rear Wheel Steering
- All Wheel Drive (50/50)
- Comfy Interior!
- Reinforced Bomb-Resistant Chassis and Frame
- First and Third Person Chase Views
- Two Tow-Hooks For Towing And Hooking
- Extra Gas For Those Long Drives!
- Return-to-Center (RTC) Steering
- Original Green Paint Job
- Radio Antenna To Call Your BAE
- Rotating Rear-Mount for Turrets / Contraptions
- NOS Boost for Wicked Speed
- Epic Squirrely-As-F*** Warthog Drifting!
- Passenger-Safe for Tolbyrnd / Ipsilon residents!

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IJKL - Forward, Reverse, Left and Right Steering
Right Alt - Chase / Driver Camera
X - Flip Warthog (Or Initiate "BARREL ROLL ATTACK MODE" if done while driving)
B - Nitrus Oxide infusion for Speed Boost

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posted by OrangIndo 10 months ago
Good to see you. It's been a while. Btw I use your helicopter engine design in my vanilla helicopter